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An Hungarian teen. The first thing I noticed about her in casting photos is her perfectly shaped cute ass. Thinking of excuses to give myself a nice fuck treats I flew her into London for her Movie 1 shoot.... When she arrived I gave her a treat my taking her clubbing in Central London. You see Hungarian or most eastern Europeans generally are fascinated by London life so she so excited about this. Any fear I had if there will be a good chemistry between me and her to ensure a memorable fuck battle between us soon dissapear when shortly after the arrived for her shoot and showing her her bedroom she will sleep for the night, she reached out to my pants with her hand and grabbed my pants asking if she could suck me a little. This is a surprise for me. There is no camera in sight and yet she wants to suck me a little? I said to myself "damn, I've got myself a real slut today" I then thought to myself what if she is a real good cocksucker and I unload my 6 days worth of cum saving in her mouth with no camera to record the action. So I made an excuse and told her later, She must get ready and we go London clubbin. She just freed herself from a controlling boyfriend and so she must have fun now she said. At the club she was wearing the same dress as in the shoot with her ass poking out of her dress(I got pics of her in the club somewhere to prove this). She was all over me even before I got her drunk. She starred a little at other guys in the club but not much I can see(perhaps she was pretending hahaha) We arrived back home about 3am and she was blind drunk, as I kissed her to bed I can tell she want's to fuck right there and then but I managed to control myself and preserve my cum for the shoot with her in the morning(The sacrifices I had to make for you guys just so you can see huge loads of cum in my shoots hahaha). During the shoot as she approached me in the kitchen my throbbin cock is ready, her mouth felt good on my cock and could have easily unload my cum in her mouth. I fucked her everyway possible releasing my frustration of not being able to fuck her the night before. Her pussy was a joy to fuck, felt tight on my cock and was happy to unload my cum saving in her pussy and watch it drip out of her. My fuck battle with this slut is a really memorable one that will stay with me for a long time.  Scroll down to her movie credits section to download and enjoy. Please guys if you enjoy this page and the sample movie don't forget to use the social buttons below to share this link with your friends and leave your comments below.

Where is she now?: Still very active mainly in the european scene


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