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My regular casting agency suddenly called me up in the middle of the night offering me to shoot this cute thing. In a state of confusion I asked why not call in the morning? why now? He then replied that there is an urgency with her because during her casting call interview, he suspected she might be a one hit wonder i.e someone who will do just one shoot and dissapear in thin air. Ok I said send me her pics and i'll make a descision in the morning. As her pics flashed on my blackberry right away and I decided there and then I must get do a fuck battle with this cute slut. By morning operation "Get Cute Slut" was in full swing. 3 days later the casting agent drove her down to me for her Movie 1 shoot.... When she arrived I was surprised to see another passenger in the car, So I aske who is this stunning young girl sitting next to her, she replied my little sister. Your little sister? How old is she then? 18 came the reply. You brought your sister to set of porn shoot? Yes I know crazy isn't it she replied. Cut a long story short, I was desperate to unload my 5 days worth of cum savings on her so we got right down to business. The main highlite of this shoot for me is the erotic feeling of her sharp tongue sucking on my nipples, I've never seen a better nipple licker in my life. Her suck on my nipples alone felt so erotic enough to unload my cum down my pants! hahaha Another bonus is the way she worked my cock with her mouth and arh YES she sucked my fat black cock to completion and you know that's a good sign of a good coocksucker right? She has since dissapeared into thin air as the casting agency suspected so count yourself lucky to be watching her only porn shoot ever  Scroll down to her movie credits section to download and enjoy. If you enjoy this page and the sample movie don't forget to use the social buttons below to share this link with your friends. Don't forget to leave your comments below.

Where is she now?: She was only ever going to do this once and so yea she quit porn just after this shoot. But Hey you never know she might cumback if she got bills to pay hahaha


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