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I really love shooting fresh looking teens sluts like this one here. When a czech modelling agency sent me her photos, I was drooling, the first thing I noticed about her was her nicely shaped peachy teen boobs and fresh looking teeny white skin. I knew I wanted to shoot her straight away. I just can't wait to sink my tongue on that fresh looking nipples and sample her teen pussy. Anyway in no time I flew her into London for her Movie 1 shoot.... And the rest as they say is history. I saw a wedding ring on her finger and she told me she is married and I was like WOW! married at tender age of 18? she said she got married just few months ago just after her 17th birthday. Hmm..Ok(This is true,take a look at her finger in her movie shoot and you will see i'm being truthful) I even went and confirmed it on her personal facebook profile. You see I kinda felt a little guilty fucking someone else's teen wife but what the heck I said to myself. If I don't don't do it some other dude will. On day of shoot it was kinda funny because even tho she speaks little word of english, I can hear her struggling to say something to me like begging me to take it easy on her and not damage her pussy (I guess she had all those weird rumours about black cocks ripping white pussies apart) I calm her down with assurances that I will be gentle fuck (I lied, lol) and besides my black cock is nothing compared to the monster black cocks out her mouth felt so sweet sucking with right pressure. Cut a long story short, I had so much fun fucking this euro teen slut. Her pussy's tight grip on my Fat throbbin black cock is mind blowing. Her fucking moans was was as real as you can get, you will see somewhere in the movie I was even telling her to keep her moans down not to alert my nosey neighbours without much success.  It's obvious we both enjoyed each other and deposited 6 days woth of cum saving in her pussy at the end but the greedy pussy swallowed it all which was a bit of dissapointed for you guys as you didn't get the chance to see it drip out of her.  Scroll down to her movie credits section to download and enjoy. If you enjoy this page and the sample movie don't forget to use the social buttons below to share this link with your friends and leave your comments below.

Where is she now?: She is still very much active in porn, last I heard she did a movie recently with another girl in 30 men Ganbang session. Now that surprised even me because she looked so fresh and inoccent.


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